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Löderup Strandbad
The beach is located right beneath the hill from our facility. Within walking distance are two miniature golf courses that are open during the summer. There is a jetty and a very child-friendly beach. The bridge has been appointed Skåne’s second best swim platform of the newspaper Sydsvenska Dagbladet.

Sandhammaren best known in the past for the reef outside where ships often sank. Sandhammaren are today best known for one of Sweden’s finest sandy beaches with a fantastic sandy beach both in terms of whiteness and granularity. The sandy beach stretches for several kilometers both east and west. Sandhammaren is located about 7 km west from Löderup Strandbad.

Hagestad Naturreservat / Backåkra

This beach is located approximately 2 km west of Löderup Strandbad. The western part is one of Sweden’s finest nude beach. The right part is in easy walking distance from Löderups camping.

Borrbystrand, 10 km east of Löderup Strandbad, have a stunning wide sandy beach. There is also a swimming pool, tennis court and a 4-star camping with cottages. Sales of food and drink during the summer.

Tosselilla is a beautiful summer land situated in beautiful countryside just outside of Tomelilla in Österlen.

They have a huge water park with multiple water slides, amusement park country with roller-coasters and rides for the whole family and motor country with go-carts, bumper boats and Segway. Here are domestic animals, barbecues and lots of other activities for both large and small.

Hamars Backar is the most popular spot in Sweden for paragliding. Sky Adventures, located in Kåseberge, is one of Sweden’s largest paragliding schools that also offer tandem jumps.

Just below us are two minigolf courses that are open during the summer. Our facility is a boules court and we bowler to lending.

Kåseberga fishing village is located 4 km east of Löderup Strandbad. One of Sweden’s most visited tourist destination with fish smokehouse, restaurants and artgalleries.

Ale stenar at the top of the ridge is the largest kept ship from ancient times. You have also a view over Bornholm and the coast along Hammars backar.

Take your car or bike around Österlen and discover the range of farm shops with a lot of offers of high quality. Pastries, products from local farmers, or different kinds of locally produced products are just a few examples of what they have to offer.

Gunnarshögs Gård – outside Hammenhog is a good example. They are best known for their cold-pressed rapeseed oil. You will also find marmalade, mustard, spices, vinegar, honey, and skin and Cleaning Products, always with the best ingredients.

A visit to the best preserved medieval castle is both culturally, entertaining and impressive.

The stately building was built in 1499 by the Danish knight Jens Holgersen Ulfstand when Skåne was still danish. Driving time from Löderup beach about 15 minutes.

There are 3 golf courses within 20 minutes drive from Löderup Strandbad (Ystad Golf Club, Tomelilla GK and Stiby Golf). There is also a Pay & Play course named Gladan in Tomelilla.

Jeep Driving, murder mysteries, wine tasting or chocolate tasting are some activities that are available here in the neighborhood.

Hammars Backar just east of Löderup Strandbad is one of the best places for paragliding and there is a company that organizes paragliding school. We are happy to advise on activities for your conference.

In the middle of the moor, between sea and sky, lies the four-winged farm that was supposed to be the Dag Hammarskjöld fixed location in Sweden. The farm is surrounded by nature reserves Backåkra, Hagestad and Sandhammaren with a peculiar bird and plant life.

Towards the sea lies a ring of stones – meditation square – weddings and other ceremonies are conducted. This place is within walking distance from Löderup Strandbad and is a stunningly beautiful place to visit anytime during the year.

The art are an important part of Österlen. There are lots out of galleries to visit, and the interest have a peak during Easter and Art tour of Österlen. Wellknown exhibitors mixed with new abilities, and the range is wide and varied. Ceramics, jewelery, paintings, sculptures and blacksmith are just a few out examples of what you can see and buy.

Some examples of nice places:

Potter Elna Karin Helgesson workshop and shop, Kåseberga.
Gallery Mosseng,
Karin Szymazsko, Hagestad Mossväg 28.
Lotta Cerander, ceramics, utility ware and sculpture, Hillshög / Sandby. Annika Äikäs Pottery and Stoneware with own design, Kraftgatan 26, Löderup

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